10 Things You Probably Had In Your Kitchen!

10 Things You Probably Had In Your Kitchen!

If you had a kitchen in the 80s you had these 10 things for sure! Why would I be so confident to say that? Because everyone in Britain had these! Check them out:


Just looking into this post I was immediately brought back to my childhood. We sure had some really cool stuff back in the 80s. Kids nowadays have no clue how it was growing up in the 80s. It was by far the best decade of all time hands down. Check them out:

Check them out:

1. Sodastream

I bet you wanted on of these? Did you have one? Now they have a more modern version of one these but they aren’t the same as these classic devices!


2. Soup Bowls

These were given away by petrol stations. And we kept ever single one of them! Do you still have some?


3. Tupperware

After mum came home from a Tupperware party our house was filled with these.

4. Glass Mugs

Can you remember using these? I loved these for some reason and still have them in the house somewhere!

5. Hornsea Pottery

Everyone had these! I think these are making a comeback.

6. Recipe Cards

These were in every kitchen in the 70s and 80s but did you use them?

7. Chipper

Who else loved eggs, chips, and beans? Just never make the mistake of sticking your fingers in this device. You may walk away with missing fingers.

8. Potato Crimper

Did you enjoy crimped potatoes? This looks like a hair pick from first glance. Do you remember these?

9. Bush Radio

Who had one of these in their kitchen? Ok, If you didn’t have one of these you had an unfortunate childhood.

10. Electric Knife

Dad used this every Christmas! I actually have one of these sitting in my cupboard right now!