Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Pop Stars From The ’90s and ’00s  Then And Now!

Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Pop Stars From The ’90s and ’00s  Then And Now!

These people ruled the world back in the ‘90s  and early 00’s and some of them still do! However, they have managed to change over the years because age and style does seem to do that. Regardless, we love looking back on what they looked like then when they first hit the scene as compared to what they look like today. Take a moment to travel down memory lane right here. Take a look:


1. Beyonce.

She was adorable then and super sexy now. Way to go Beyonce!


2. Nicki Minaj.

Why so serious now? We miss that beautiful smile!


3. Rihanna.

Her fresh face has changed into a polished look now but she’s still remarkably beautiful.

4. Justin Timberlake.

He lost the curls and gained some facial hair.

5. Drake.

He does look more sophisticated now.

6. Katy Perry.

Thank goodness for her goddess makeover! She looks pretty amazing now.

7. Britney Spears.

She was a delightful face back then and appears to have done something to her lips since. . .

8. Ariana Grande.

She looks completely different now! Nothing like she used to.

9. Sam Smith.

Love the glasses!

10. Selena Gomez.

She looks exactly the same.

11. Kelly Clarkson.

She looks like a soccer mom now.

12. Justin Bieber.

He prefers to be blond now.

13. Miley Cyrus.

She likes to childishly show off her tongue as an adult.

14. Chris Brown.

He gave up the sideways hat and added some tattoos.

15. Taylor Swift.

She had changed up her hair a bit.

16. Kanye West.

He looks the same. Just more facial hair.

17. Kesha.

Not quite as dramatic as she used to be.

18. Jason Derulo.

He has crafted his own look over the years.

19. Alicia Keys.

She decided to go all natural.

20. Blake Shelton.

Oh my! Same shirt?

21. Pink.

Guess she can never really give up the pink hair.

22. Wiz Khalifa.

The glasses make him look more mature.

23. Madonna.

We all love her. No matter what! She’s awesome!

24. Usher.

He looks the same as he always has.

25. Adam Levine.

From rags to riches!

26. Jordin Sparks.

The same adorable smile and fantastic hair!

27. Christina Aguilera.

She upgraded her face a little.

28. Jay Z.

Looks like he changed his necktie over the years and added a nice smile.

29. Mariah Carey.

Many people have since ditched the curly hair.

30. John Mayer.

Just add hair care products!

31. Lady Gaga.

From mysterious to divine!

32. Demi Lovato.

She looks completely different now.

33. Flo Rida.

He hasn’t changed too much.